Film stretch – BERRY PLASTICS

The Film stretch produced by BERRY PLASTICS, is available in different reel width and thicknesses, it represents a standard packaging for the main fresh food products, such as white and red meat, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables, etc..
Main characteristics:

  • Very good brightness and transparency for a perfect presentation of the product
  • Excellent sealing of the pack , with a risk of opening of the same and product loss reduction .
  • Excellent elastic recovery which guarantees lasting and optimal aesthetics , thanks to the film which remains well tight around the food product without wrinkles.
  • The particular flexibility allows a deeper stretching, without risk of breaking, so permitting the use of reduced reel width if compared to other films and, therefore savings on packaging costs.
  • The tenacity characteristics make the film very resistant to tearing and puncture testing, resulting particularly suitable for the packing of irregular shaped products and in case of edges, like bones, particular type of fruit and vegetables etc.. also reducing the risk of pack breaking during handling and transport.
  • The specific formulation guarantees an excellent food permeability which, together with an excellent anti-fog and anti-condensation, consents a very good presentation and duration of the product.
  • The film is perfectly compatible with all re-reeling machines present on the market, ensuring an excellent machine functioning and absence of breaking or stops.
  • Its print suitability makes it very interesting for the Industry and the Modern Distribution as an information and image vehicle.