Quickly Fresh

Quickly Fresh is a packaging system which was created to obtain perfectly sealed and stackable containers, at the point of sale, but also easy to transport and to use by the final consumer, assuring a better conservation of the food product. The System is composed by an electric heat-sealer (Jpack), a series of PP containers or C-PET thin cardboards and by a sealing film, depending on the type of container used. The result is an ideal package suitable for any kind of food, but particularly recommended for the packaging of sauces, food in oil, but also for already cooked or to cook in the microwave or the traditional oven, using the same container.
The possibility of using trays and containers of different shape makes the Quickly Fresh system extremely flexible, but at the same time easy to use. Using appropriate seal machines, both on the semi-automatic or pneumatic operation, the packing time takes only a few seconds, making the heat-sealing operation rapid and useful.

List of products which compose the system: