Top Seal

Top Seal polypropylene containers are designed and made to guarantee in the best possible way, for as long as necessary, the holding of the gases used for preparation of the package. Thanks to its particular design, and also to the nature of the material, they can withstand the forces exerted by the action of the vacuum of industrial sealing machines without deformation or crushing, it is excellent to process, it guarantees better denestening, and also a correct flow on production lines, reducing downtime to a minimum, so to guarantee maximum productivity levels.
Top Seal containers are the result of a long research and trials carried out with machine manufacturers and with user customers on packaging lines. The information and experience acquired have therefore allowed us to obtain a line of products that can perfectly meet various packaging requirements, to combine technical and functional aspects with the aesthetic ones in the best possible way.
The excellent strength and toughness of the container also fully protects the product from possible damage caused during handling and display at the point of sale and also during the consumer's journey home, which could cause loss of gas from inside the package and risk of making the product inedible.

Top Seal STD polypropylene containers are the basic packaging solution for all types of foods such as meat, fish, pasta, fruit, vegetables and so on. They guarantee excellent preservation of the food together with a complete all-round view of it. All our containers have devices that facilitate denestening, as well as reinforcing ribbing on the sides and in the corners to guarantee the highest rigidity during sealing on packaging lines and during subsequent handling.