Aluminum container

The aluminum containers have always represented an ideal solution for cooking, packing, conserving and transporting food. Their several uses make them a sure and versatile solution for various sectors and application:

  • Delis, rotisseries, take-away, fast-food (packaging and transport)
  • Dining halls, catering, community (cooking, packing and transport)
  • Confectionary industry and bakery products (cooking, conservation and transport)
  • Food industry (cooking, conservation and transport)

Prima Srl, thanks to its collaboration with Zenith, offers a wide range of solutions dedicated to the food sector operators with a variety of more than 150 references.

According to a study conducted by the eminent Fraunhofer Institute of Research has established the adequacy of aluminum containers for the cooking of microwave food. The result of such research is very clear: there wouldn’t be any damaged ovens, any harmed customers, and no sparks would appear, provided that the operation is performed according to correct instructions for use: the container must be placed in the centre of the microwave oven (non-metallic) inside dish, without getting in contact with the walls. Thanks to the particular nature of the aluminum containers, this way of cooking implies better results with regard to the temperature homogeneity and a pleasant food aesthetic.